Yoga Detox Retreat


Be IBS Free For Life At Our Yoga Detox Retreat


We are excited to bring you a full on 7 days of detoxing bliss in the stunning island of Ibiza.  We know that sometimes life can get a little hectic and that you may not know how or when you will get the time to take your health more seriously.  Work.  Kids.  Family.  Pets.  It all adds up and keeps you wondering when you will get some time to yourself.

Well, now you can have a whole week just for you!


Glorious Food have teamed up with our incredible Yogi friend Sarah Knights of Yoga Knights to bring you a 7 day Yoga Detox retreat.  During this retreat you will fast track through all our knowledge and learnings over the course of the week and we will take your digestive healing to another level.  This retreat is a 7 day fast and will include incredible herbal healing supplements to really help you cleanse and detoxify your body.  It is a full health MOT for your body, mind and spirit.

This retreat is the perfect place to get away from the every day hustle and bustle and stresses and strains of modern day life whilst soaking in the sun and being well and truly detoxified.  The retreat will include:


  • Stunning Villa accommodation for 7 days and nights
  • A luxurious massage to help you feel amazing!
  • Healing supplements, juices, water and fresh coconut water every day
  • Optional daily colonics
  • Morning and evening yoga and meditation
  • Daily talks on food, digestive health and how you can arm yourself against disease
  • Day trips to local spas and the beach
  • Evening broths and socials
  • Plenty of time to yourself to chill, sleep, read, rest, sunbathe, swim – whatever floats your boat!




We are lucky enough to have teamed up with incredible Yogi, Sarah Knight, of Yoga Knights to take you through morning and evening yoga and meditation.  This will intensify your detoxification and cleansing, realigning your chakras and helping you fall into a deep relaxing sleep each night and wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go.

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This retreat will be a luxurious week away from the real world.  You can take it at your own pace, relax, chill out and enjoy the warm Spanish sunshine on your skin.  Soak up the rays, swim in the pool or the sea, read a novel, learn some life changing magic that you can take with you forever, this once own a lifetime retreat will encourage you to make decisions for yourself that will continue to improve your health and life even after you get home, for years to come.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you detoxify your life, cleanse and strengthen your body and become the person you always wanted to be.  Happy, healthy confident, clean, knowledgeable, powerful, unstoppable!

To book this retreat or for more information please contact Helen directly at or use the Contact form at the bottom of the page.

Helen and Sarah xxx

*Yoga Detox Retreats* with Glorious Food and Yoga Knights



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Program Schedule

Day 1
Arrival and room allocation

Consultations with Helen and Sarah

Group talk to discuss the weekly schedule

Evening Yoga and Meditation with Sarah

Day 2 to 7

Morning Yoga session with Sarah

Energising coconut water and cleansing detoxifying herbs

Nutritional Talk with Helen

Afternoons will include some free time to have:

  • Private consultations with Sarah or Helen
  • Go for a walk on the beach
  • Relax and read a book
  • Mingle with the other guests
  • Swim in the pool
  • Take some ‘me’ time

Evening Yoga and Meditation

Group socials and broth before bed

Day 7

Breaking the fast, how to continue to lose weight and feel great back home and what to not bring back into your diet.


Success Stories

Be IBS Free For Life with our life changing programs.  This is what our clients say…

I would like to thank Helen at Glorious Food for changing my eating habits of a lifetime to now enjoying nutritious foods. Prior to working with Helen I was a sugar craver and dairy eater and addicted to wheat and red meats. I was also suffering with Diverticular Disease and in debilitating pain every day.  Since being food intolerance tested and getting my diet right I now really enjoy cooking for myself. I eat a lot of brown rice, pasta, rice or quinoa and I have never enjoyed eating vegetables so much as now, whether roasted, raw or in soups and stews. Now my main proteins are fish, eggs and chicken. The result is that I have lost weight, feel much more comfortable, have no diarrhoea or bloating and a healthier gut.

Sylvia Waddington

Denver, Norfolk

I can highly recommend Helen at Glorious Food. She is informative and passionate about healthy eating and makes it all fun too. I learned so much and have made some permanent changes to my everyday diet, greatly reducing my IBS symptoms.  I no longer feel bloated and uncomfortable in my clothes. She’s very supportive and genuinely wants everyone to do well. I would recommend her IBS Retreat to everyone.

Lisa Hewitt

Watlington, Norfolk

Helen at Glorious Food has been very professional and informative. Amazing! Since we started working together I lost over half a stone and learned more about healthy eating. I still have the odd ‘naughty’ food item now and again but I feel so much better in myself, better than I have in years. Thank you so much Helen for all your help!

Carol Shreer

Runcton Holme, Norfolk

Having suffered with severe IBS for over 2 years I jumped at the chance to sign up to work with Helen at Glorious Food. I was in the mindset that I already ate a healthy and varied diet but was keen to see what ‘foodie’ things we would be taught. After the first session I was instantly shocked at what was unveiled within my eating habits. Sugar overload being the biggest shocker for me. I was aware that each food contained its own natural sugar but it was alarming to see that what I thought was a minimal extra sugar intake had affected my sugar levels in a major fashion.

Since we started I have made some life changing eating habits such as cutting sugar in many areas and increasing my carb intake, ensuring that my diet is much more varied and boosting my energy levels by eating more healthy and nutritious foods. These are just a few changes I have made with the help of Helen’s health and nutrition advice and I can honestly say that it has made a big difference to my body and mind. I no longer suffer with painful IBS and Helen is so passionate about nutrition and the impact it has on your overall wellbeing that I would recommend her to anyone!

Liz Heighton-Jupp

Wimbotsham, Norfolk