I find this is the only way I stick to my own eating regime and don’t waste money on ‘convenience’ foods that are more likely to cause a flare up.

My work weeks is Tuesday to Saturday so technically Sundays and Mondays are my weekend – this is rarely the case running my own business as I have several different ‘hats’ to wear from the practical (and best bit) of working closely with my clients. Then maintaining my website, my social media presence, my online programs, my email newsletters all ensuring that my clients have the easiest and simplest solutions to the IBS woes.

Remember the 7 P’s!

With that in mind I like to empty the fridge each week on a Sunday or Monday and cook up whatever I have so that I have food prepared for the week ahead and I can just ‘grab and go’.

Over the past few weeks this is what I have concocted.  Each weekly meal prep takes me around 1 – 2 hours and saves lots of time in the week.

Week 1


I use this on oat cakes, rice cakes, with salads with breakfasts. I love gauacamole as it is great for the skin, hair and nails as well as it being the number one superfood for tackling IBS as it really helps the food slide around the digestive tract and helps to form perfect bowel movements.

Picked, washed and prep’d our never ending spinach…

We eat a lot of spinach, great for iron, calcium, most of the vitamins and it goes with everything from eggs to currys to salads to spinach mash, you name it, I throw spinach in it for an extra nutrient boost. It helps keep my immune system strong and aids the digestion as well.

Salmon fillets

These are great with salads or flaked with rice and greens for an easy bowl of goodness. Salmon has a reasonable amount of vitamin D as well as being full of wonderful omegas, again helping the digestion and brain strength.

New potato salad

Dug up, washed, cooked and with vegan mayo and herbs this is a tasty addition for salads during the week. Potatoes are a great source of slow release carbs and provide lots of energy as well as staving off sugar cravings.

Fresh carrots and tomatoes

Again these are great used in salads, I grate the carrots and slice the tomatoes. Any leftovers can be used in a juice or smoothie. Carrots are high in vitamin A which is great for improving eyesight and gut health. I also like snacking on carrots dipped in guacamole!

Fresh beetroot

Washed, cooked and peeled, I love these in salads and any surplus can be used in a gorgeous bright coloured soup, full or iron and great for strengthening the blood and boosting your focus and brain power.

Spicy rice

I used basmati but tend to mix up my rice one week having black or red rice, or brown whole grain rice but this week I fancied a change. I added fresh herbs and spices to it to give it more flavour. Rice, like potatoes is a great source of energy and not the villain it has been made out to be in the press. I add this to salads, or eat with the salmon.

Week 2

Celery Soup

Celery has a high potassium content great if you fancy a savoury salty soup. This soup is so easy to make using only 3 ingredients, a stock cube, celery and oat cream. Yum!

Mineral water

Simple add some fresh cucumber slices to water and you have mineral water. Cucumber is high in natural minerals, a great way to stay rehydrated and feed your bowel with lovely water so that it functions more easily.

Fresh garden salad

Ready to grab and go and is the best thing in the world for constipation as the food is raw and contains all its own enzymes so your body can focus on extracting nutrients and poassing this through the digestive system without using up too much energy

More herby potato salad and more guacamole

Week 3

I was having a ‘red’ week this week, we had an influx of tomatoes so I made up some tomato soup and my take on rattatouile with tinned and fresh tomatoes, courgette and red pepper. Adding herbs and spices really gave this a kick. Great added to the plain rice for an energy releasing meal

Fruit Salad

I made up a strawberry fruit salad with fresh orange juice and sliced strawberries. Strawberries are high in vitamin C and a real treat when you are feeling hormonal.

If you want to be healthy, you have to put the work in. Eating food that you have made provides you with lots of energy and 100% confidence that you know what is going in your body. We have to shift away from convenience food to provide our bodies with everything we do need and nothing we don’t.

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