I notice toilets. I always have. An IBS sufferer spends a lot of time in toilets, possibly more so than other people and so it goes with the territory that I notice toilets. Good and bad.

My absolute all time pet hate about public toilets are the fact that in general women, when in public, seem to become such delicate creatures that they have to ‘hover’ over a public toilet to pee, and then leave their urine all over the toilet seat for the next person to mop up.

This has been an annoyance of mine for over half my life, particularly having suffered with IBSc for most of it, when the urge to move my bowels actually happens I may have to go urgently and wiping up someones else urine is never a great part of the bargain. Henceforth, I always endeavour to leave the public toilets cleaner than I found them.

However, complaining aside, in my recent trip to the USA (October 2019) I noticed how much better their toilets are. Read on for all of the reasons I write this post…

Points to note are:
1) they’re lower down, putting your body in a more natural position to move your bowels effectively
2) the bowl is wider and shallower which means no splash back from a long drop
3) as your movement sit’s in the water rather than sliding down the side of the toilet, when it’s time to flush there’s no mess
4) no chance of a ghost poo because there’s nowhere for it to disappear to
5) the flushing mechanism has great suction so no need for double or treble flushing (or panicking about the next toilet user)
6) as the poo goes straight into the water and there’s nowhere for residue to hang around, there’s minimal embarrassing smells
7) the public toilets all have the front section cut out so if you get a previous ‘pee squatter’ in before you you don’t get to sit on a wet seat and 
also the shape of the seats mean any little dribbles roll back into the pan. Genius!
8) if you’re worried about or interested in checking your movements to see if they’re healthy you can easily do this as the bowl is wider and shallower.

This is particularly useful if you struggle with IBS as you can monitor the state of your health from your movements.

FYI – The ideal bowel movement should be mid to golden brown, solid but not hard and a ‘clean swooper’

You should be able to move your bowels each morning with no pain, no strain and minimum fuss. You should also feel quite proud of yourself and your body for creating this waste from your wonderful nutrient rich, healthy and balanced diet.

We are now looking into replacing our UK toilets with American Standard toilets for cleanliness, comfort and more satisfying bowel movements and I have found the following for sale on Amazon: American Standard Toilets

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