Success Stories!

We know you may be skeptical about working with us at Glorious Food. You may be worried about getting your hopes up again. You’ve probably tried everything over the years to eradicate your IBS with little or no effect. To help put your mind at ease, I’d like to share with you some of our clients journeys. All of whom are now living IBS free lives.

When I first met Helen I was unhappy, bloated, in pain and uncomfortable all the time.

When Helen explained the 6 week program to me, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stick to the plan and that it wouldn’t work.  But I knew I had to do something.

Working with Helen was a joy.  Helen has changed my life where food is concerned and I can now eat pain and guilt free!

Since completing the program, I have lost weight and feel like a totally different person.  My IBS symptoms have reduced by 95% and I can’t thank Helen enough!

Claire Thorpe


I suffered with IBS and severe bloating. I was very skeptical about how a machine could detect intolerances and aid my healing. I couldn’t grasp that it was a genuine treatment and would help my situation!

The Process was utterly enjoyable, simple and easy to understand. The process is pain free – mentally and physically.

I’ve discovered that I’m not intolerant to foods I thought I was – it was in fact foods I was not worried about that were affecting my system and causing my IBS symptoms.

Vicki Dumbleton

Business Owner

I‘ve suffered with IBS for years. It left me feeling bloated with really painful stomach cramps and I developed an unhealthy relationship with food; viewing everything as a potential cause for flare ups.

I decided to get food intolerance testing done in order to get right to the heart of what was triggering my IBS.

After an initial consultation and testing, a nutritional plan was designed for me which involved the elimination of certain foods.

At first I found it really difficult to give up some of the food I loved but the results were immediate. My bloating reduced significantly and I was even able to go out to dinner and enjoy food again! I can’t recommend Helen enough as her plan and expert nutritional advice has opened my eyes to the benefits of a healthy balanced diet.

And I no longer have a fear of food!

Sarah Morris


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