Quite often feelings of stress, anxiety, tiredness and poor sleep can be attributed to Toxic Overload.  Our bodies go through incredible detoxifying processes each and every day and you can be sure that as soon as you mention the word ‘Detox’ some-one will point out that this is what our livers do automatically.

Whilst this is correct of course the pressure on our livers each and every day is enormous.  For instance, did you know that our liver is responsible for around 500 different processes within the body and that cleansing the blood is just one off them?  The liver also breaks down fats to produce energy as well as playing an important role in blood clotting.
So the more toxic we are, the more weight we will put on and not be able to lose easily. This is often the result of the liver being overworked with alcohol, medication and possibly even recreational drugs. Not to mention the toxic toiletries, anti ageing creams, fake tan, make up and sun tan lotion which absorbs straight into the blood stream.
We come into contact with over 2000 different chemicals within the course of a normal day and the liver struggles to keep up with this toxic overload.
Whilst the liver is busy cleansing all this poison out of our bodies, it isn’t breaking down fat cells to produce energy.  It also isn’t providing your with immunity to fight infections.
Therefore an overworked liver or Toxic Overload can be the start of many, many health problems within the body.
I Am Worth More Than My Car!
We look after our cars better than we do out own bodies, expecting our internal organs to simply cope with the stresses that we put them through each and every single day.
Yet, each year we take the car for a service, get the oil changed, check all the lights are working.  Fix any bits that may have fallen off and make sure its roadworthy.
Isn’t it time you gave your own body that same tender loving care?

Detoxing is the key

You will see many ‘Detox’ kits available, some good and some are complete nonsense.  The clever marketers and advertisers have fully jumped on the Detox bandwagon not realising that some of us are here to guide you towards an actual productive detox and not just some ‘wonder supplement’ or magic pill that won’t make a shred of difference without you making a bold, long term, life changes in the process.

Detoxing is something I discovered way back in 2004 in Koh Samui, Thailand.  Having been recommended by a friend I went along to the Dharma Healing International Centre and spent the most amazing week of my life detoxing under the guidance of an incredible Guru, Hillary Adrian Haan.

I was AMAZED at how good I felt after completing the 7 day Retreat with Hillary.  I had never felt so alive, clean, focused and ready to face the world.  I vowed to myself that I would continue to detox at least once a year (and preferably in Thailand) to ensure that my body got at least 1 out of every 52 weeks off from the world in which to heal itself.  And prevent disease.

I had a life changing epiphany during this deep detox and cleanse and the seeds for Glorious Food were planted way back then…

Hillary has kindly provided me with a more competent explanation of the detoxifying process and the health benefits of providing your body with a break from the norm:

The word detoxification refers to the natural elimination of unwanted toxic chemicals from the body; where the body processes them for elimination. Thus a particular metabolic pathway with a series of enzymatic reactions neutralize and solubilize toxins and then transport them to organs of elimination for excretion.
As a verb the word “detox” is used; which is the action that takes place.
We erroneously think that this action only takes place when we put some particular program or practice into effect. However the body is always detoxifying to keep you healthy. It is just when this natural body process stops working, gets clogged-up, and isn’t able to do its normal daily operation of enzymatic reactions for neutrilizing and solubilizing that the alarm goes on telling us we had better put some effort forth to help it.
Thus as more and more people are having this alarm go off–their ears and other senses are being bombarded with noise from the body, for the first time–everyone is being called to action.
Detoxification reactions can occur throughout the whole body, although the liver is the predominant detoxifying organ, then the intestinal tract, and then the kidneys, also the lungs, lymph and skin. But in actuality, every cell in your body has organelles for detoxification. The liver and also the kidneys just happen to have the most number of organelles, and for good reason: every drop of blood passes through both of them.
Resting the organs of digestion, from eating, as in fasting:
1. Stimulates the liver and galbladder to release toxic excess
2. Promotes the kidneys, large intestine, lungs, lymph and skin to eliminate
3. Improves blood circulation
Having completed many Detoxes with Hillary over the years I know it is something I need to do at the very least on a once yearly basis.  If I can’t even give my body 1 week of the year, I cannot really expect it to take me through the rest of my life unscathed.  And disease free.
I’m reasonably fit although there is always room for improvement.  I eat really well.  I ensure my digestive system functions as well as it can.  But that doesn’t mean I am safe from cancer or that I won’t get run over by a bus.  However, learning how to prevent disease by allowing my body to self heal and training to run faster than a bus is the road on which I am taking my health.
It is for this reason that we at Glorious Food have created The Life Changing Magic retreats in order to share with you all this useful knowledge and give you a little bit of sparkle back into your lives.
If you would like further information about our Life Changing Magic retreats in Ibiza, please contact me directly on 01553 340245 / 07740 310338 / helen@foodisglorious.co.uk. or go to Life Changing Magic retreat
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Helen x
The IBS Specialist, Nutrition & Wellness Coach
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