Online Courses

Busy Life? Need some help but have no time?

Want to learn how you can Be IBS Free, Lose Weight or just generally be healthier and happier in your own time?

Perhaps you live too far away to commute to our Head Office and clinic space in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK. Or maybe the only downtime you get is after the kids are in bed and before you go to bed, or at 6 am in the morning before everyone gets up…

I know how you feel. Sometimes life gets so busy the only chance I get to do anything is early doors or last thing at night.

This is why I created these online courses and programs, especially as I know you are so busy that you are probably not looking after yourself properly either, are you?

Help is at hand. Hop on board, take a look and see which of these solutions will fit in with your busy and hectic lifestyle.

Short Courses

We have a really short courses at just over a week which both include a short video series to guide you towards making better long term decisions about food, focusing on mindset, understanding your own reasons as to why you want to improve your health (or reduce your IBS symptoms).

Both of these courses come with downloadable worksheets to keep you focused AND a 7 day meal plan, with downloadable and printable recipes. With access for life! Click the links below for more information on each course.

IBS Relief

Weight Loss

These courses will help you to get some relief from your IBS symptoms quickly and easily or to really kickstart your weight loss journey. All you need to decide is what is more important to you right now?

Diet Coaching

Diet coaching is for this of you who have a little more time, but still without the commitment of having to travel anywhere to see anyone to achieve the results you want with you health. This is hugely successful at helping you stick to a change of diet as we will hold you accountable over a period of weeks, or whenever you feel you need some help. 

You can purchase these sessions individually OR as a course of 5. 

The first session is FREE and this is where we work out your Dietary Plan Of Action to get stuck into.

You can do your research and plan your meals in your downtime as above and the coaching sessions will be held over the phone or via Zoom, whichever is preferable and most beneficial to you.

More information on Diet Coaching here.

Diet Coaching is the number one solution to reach and maintain your health goals and weight targets. Our clients enjoy success with our coaching programs every day and having someone on the end of the phone / email for support is invaluable.

Be IBS Free Online Course

This is again a bit more in-depth however you can still achieve all the results without leaving the comfort of your own home in order to enjoy learning how you really can be IBS free. 

Our clients love the flexibility of this online Be IBS Free course as they can learn in their own time and still benefit from the support of Diet Coaching which is included in this course.

Includes recipes Books and Information Pack as well as regular coaching to hold you accountable to dietary changes in order to reduce your IBS symptoms and get your life back.

More information on this course here.

Still not sure what will work best?

Whatever kind of support you require in order to help you achieve your goals of becoming IBS free or reach your health and weight goals, we have a solution for you.

If you are still unsure, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions section or you can get in touch directly by calling our IBS Specialist Helen Mileham on 07740 310338 or emailing Helen at


Whatever option you decide to chose you can be sure that we will help you get to the bottom of your IBS and help you learn how to Feed Yourself Better with Glorious Food.