This month we have been enjoying experimenting with Naked Greenz products.

A friend of a friend had met the owner of the company, Susie Brient, in 2019 at a fair and Susie and I have been trying to meet up for some time. When we got together it was like kindred sprits and we got on famously.

Susie has been through a journey and got the help she needed in the form of wheat grass. Wheat grass has many nutritional benefits and can help the body in a number of ways.

Having run a trial of wheatgrass shots with a few of my clients, I can confirm that although the results were mixed the majority of people really noticed a difference and were able to see the results in their digestive health. Including me.  My head was clearer, my fatigue lessened and my bowel movements improved in regularity and consistency. And this was after just 5 days.

For further information, please check out Susie’s Journey…

Diagnosed with ME in my early twenties, left unsupported with no healing solution.I went on a voyage of self discovery and a healing journey. 

Years of antibiotics, immunisation programs, glandular fever and then chicken flu left my immunity compromised. I suffered from IBS, allergies and extreme fatigue. Unable to function I took to my bed. 
Feeling drained,depressed and alone I realised it was down to me to make a difference and get well.
I radically changed my diet. Excluded meat,dairy,coffee,alcohol,yeast and gluten. I introduced a diet of mainly raw foods, leafy greens, nuts, seeds and filtered water.
It was at this turning point that I discovered wheatgrass and juicing. It was the icing on the cake. Wheatgrass is an amazing complete natural food. It chelates heavy metals and alkalises the blood.
Juicing is the fastest way to get an assimilation of good nutrients without taxing your digestion.
I began to recover!
I created my online business to help others recover from illness. selling juice programs, wheatgrass, chlorella, CBD and a range of natural chemical free cosmetics and toiletries. 
We are a sum total of what we digest, the products we use, our environment and our thoughts. Taking control of these things leads to a happier, healthier life.
I highly recommend Susie’s products. I have been trailing an amazing Day and Night Cream and facial wash which leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean and the creams smell divine! Take a look at for more info…
I hope you enjoyed this article and remember, always continue to Feed Yourself, Better! with Glorious Food

Helen x