You may already know that I have recently been away on a teacher training and fasting program in Thailand.  This is the place where the seeds of Glorious Food were first planted over 12 years ago. Thailand, in particular the Dharma Healing Centre, Koh Samui, is where I found peace for the first time in my life.  Meeting Hillary at Dharma Healing Centre literally changed my life.  At the time I was living a turbulent life in London, doing a job I hated, working for people I didn’t respect and most importantly I didn’t respect myself, my potential or my health.  I was well and truly a rat in a wheel going round and round and round and round and wondering if I would ever have the strength to get out.

When I met my husband, Andy, in 2010 he gave me the courage, strength and determination to do something else with my life and to break this seemingly never ending cycle.  For that I will always be truly grateful.  I knew I had so much more to offer and wanted to help as many people as possible with their dietary health, to give people a chance to heal themselves and take their health into their own hands.  And so Glorious Food was born.

Having retrained in Nutrition and since forming Glorious Food in 2015 I have been working flat out.  Constantly thinking of ways to make my programs easier and more user friendly for my clients, ensuring that they get the very best information and care from me.

LotusGlorious Food has grown so quickly that my feet haven’t touched the ground and I was beginning to lose my way a little in regards to my own health.  I began making the same mistakes that the majority of my clients do in not giving myself enough time to exercise, meditate, be still and ensure that I maintain the life / work balance I have been striving for since leaving the Rat Race behind.  Hence the reason for my recent trip to Thailand to see Hillary and take some much needed time out for me.

I fasted with Hillary at Dharma Healing Centre for 2 weeks, which was absolute heaven!  Don’t get me wrong, I love my food, Food is Glorious after all but my love of food can border unhealthily to the point of obsession.  So for me, fasting works really well as just taking that time out from eating, from constantly thinking about, talking about, making, eating and digesting food is the most humbling experience and the kindest thing I can do to show my love for my own body.  Being hungry isn’t the worst feeling in the world.  It puts things well and truly into perspective.

*** At this point I ought to mention that you should not attempt to fast on your own without guidance from a professional who knows what they are doing.  I am not advocating going without food for long periods of time.  The fasting program at Dharma Healing is a professional fully comprehensive program which is only to be undertaken under the guidance of Hillary herself who has over 30 years experience of fasting and knows what she is doing.***  

During the fasting program at Dharma Healing we still consume calories to keep our bodies and brains functioning and in fact without digesting solid foods the body becomes more free, the spirit rises to the surface and the path to enlightenment starts to appear.  I get that this may be a little ‘woo’ for some of my readers, however I wanted to give you an honest account of my recent trip away and this is it.  :o)

Whilst at Dharma Healing I was lucky enough to take part in a 7 day Teacher Training course that Hillary has put together for practitioners in the Health and Wellness industry.  I would highly recommend anyone going on this course if you want to further your knowledge of Dharma and how it can relate to your own teachings, clients and practises.  It was the best, most informative, enlightening and useful week I have spent in a long while and Hillary’s teachings will stay with me forever.  I am truly blessed to have had this opportunity to work so closely with Hillary and learn so much from her.

Helen Mileham, founder of Glorious Food

I am already putting some of the things I have learned into practise with Glorious Food and my clients will benefit from the additional information I have gleaned about the human digestive system and how it can be improved upon.  I believe we all deserve to be healthy and have proper fully functioning bowels, successfully eliminating the waste our bodies simply doesn’t need to be clinging onto and if we can achieve these results through a proper balanced and healthy diet, preventing painful, embarrassing symptoms then surely this is a good place to start.

Your digestive health is largely in your hands.  I can guide you along the way and help you make better food choices with all the correct information available to you in order that you can make up your own mind about how you decide to Feed Yourself Better!

With love


Helen xxxxxxxxx