It’s been a weird couple of months to be sure but saying that, I am so grateful for my health and the health of my friends, family and clients right now.

Initially when the lockdown was announced back in March I had a complete melt down and panic about everything. I worried I would no longer be able to support people effectively without being able to see them face to face. And of course I was worried that my nearest and dearest would get ill with Covid 19. As I am sure you have been, too.

New Way Of Thinking

Although I have always had Online Courses and programs on offer I had never really pushed these as my clientele have always wanted to (and been able to) work with me on a face-to-face basis. How would I make this transition to being 100% online? I had to put my thinking cap on and go back to the drawing board…

Glorious Food Online

I am pleased to say I have now updated all of my services and I am able to provide the following 100% online programs and courses with full remote support during lockdown:

This is for people who are worried about their health and want to know if Glorious Food is going to work for their individual health concerns. You are 100% unique and individual and your symptoms may not be suited to our programs. This free call is the easiest way to find out if we can help you and put your mind at rest. The consultation includes a full Symptom Analysis, Dietary Health Check and FREE Dietary Advice. None of our programs and courses are obligatory and you are entitled to this free call whether or not you want to work with me in the future. So you have absolutely nothing to lose. Click this link to book

This is for people who want to unlock access to my 120+ IBS Free Recipes to help inspire, motivate and nourish you fully. Alongside this we will provide you with access to our client only private FB Group, Glorious Foodies, for further tasty ideas and morale support. You will also receive our Glorious Monthly Newsletter, packed full of useful articles, help and guidance on how to stay healthy.

  • Diet Coaching – £30 per session, or get two free sessions by booking a 6 session course at £120!

This works well for people who need to be held accountable to a change of diet and want to see a real change in their health. These sessions will provide you with real-life support and guidance on a regular basis with a full Dietary Action Plan to enable you to achieve your goals and reduce unwanted symptoms. As well as providing a realistic weight loss target to reach. These sessions can be booked individually as and when required or used as a 6 session course at £120, getting two sessions for absolutely free. You will also receive access to our 120+ IBS Free recipes, Private FB Group and Monthly Newsletter to keep you motivated and inspired. Plus continued email support throughout.

  • Be IBS Free Online Course, £295 for 3 month course, £595 for 6 month course (the length of course is dependant on the severity of individual symptoms and realistic, achievable, health goals determined in your free phone consultation, above)

These courses are for people who are really fed up of their painful IBS symptoms and are ready to do something about it. I will walk you through a highly successful step-by-step guided program which is set into two parts; Elimination and Reintroduction. You will also receive the below Information Pack, Elimination Recipe book and Reintroduction Recipe book on both PDF Ebook versions and also hard copy in the post.

These ‘Be IBS Free’ online courses both include regular Diet Coaching, access to our 120+ IBS Free Recipes, invitation to the private FB Group Glorious Foodies and a Weekly step-by-step guided Newsletter for the duration of the course. With additional email and phone support as and when required. With these courses you can expect to reduce your IBS symptoms by 90-100% within a matter of weeks with the aim of becoming IBS free for good.

You can expect a reduction of 50-60% of your painful, unwanted IBS symptoms within the first 1 – 2 weeks. Providing you follow my advice and stick to the program, of course. This is really where the Diet Coaching comes in. I will personally hold you accountable to sticking to these changes, reducing your symptoms and learning how to easily ‘Feed Yourself Better’. On top of this you have all my current clients to chat with in the private FB group and the step by step guided Weekly Newsletters to keep you on track and keep you on your toes.

And don’t worry, you won’t get bored of a bland and boring IBS free diet. This is not the FODMAP. These meal plans have been proven time and time again with hundreds of people over the past 5 years to be hugely successful at reducing IBS symptoms, now and in the future. It really is a fool-proof course which is why I come highly recommended and have such great reviews in Facebook and on my website. Check me out by all means and please do your research.


Not quite ready to fully commit?

On top of my regular courses and programs above I have also created 3 short 100% online courses to help people in lockdown get healthier and feel better, quickly and easily. These courses are:

IBS Relief £57

Immune Support £47

Weight Loss £37

These courses include an easy to follow video series with advice on how to get fast relief from IBS symptoms. boost Immunity for yourself and your whole family and how to easily lose Weight in lockdown.

All three courses are just over a week in length and also provide you with a 7 day meal plan, including 21 x delicious hand picked recipes proven time and time again to Reduce IBS Symptoms, Boost Immunity and Kickstart Weight Loss.

I have priced these as affordably as possible to support people in Lockdown who may be struggling financially at this time and need something positive to focus on.

Ready to get started?

If you would like some support during Lockdown, whether it is to reduce unwanted IBS symptoms, Lose Weight or feel confident that you are supporting your Immune System effectively, I am here to help you.

Simply call me, Helen Mileham, on 07740 310338 or email me at and I will show you how you can learn how to Feed Yourself Better. Or be brave and book your completely no-cost phone consultation with me by clicking this link and entering your details.

Take care, stay safe

Helen x