Life Changing Magic retreat

Busy, hectic lifestyle? No time to be tired, ill and in pain?

Yep? We hear you sister!
You need a total Life Cleanse at our Life Changing Magic retreat!


We know that life can often get in the way of good health with all the crazy, busy schedules, appointments and obligations you have each and every day. This is why after years of extensive research and having worked with hundreds of people to help them improve their health, lose weight and get out of pain we have developed these incredible Life Changing Magic retreats where you can not just get away from it all and relax for a week but you can also enjoy healing your body, mind and soul and leave our little haven feeling 10 years younger. Yes, really!


Glorious Food are thrilled to be able to bring you this blissful week of healing in the stunning island of Ibiza in luxurious 5* accomodation. We believe that you deserve a break away from it all along with the gift of good health. You deserve to sleep a deep and healing sleep each night, wake up refreshed, be out of pain, have a clear head and take some time out for you to just ‘be you’ again.

We have teamed up with some incredible local Healers to bring you a stunning, fun filled, chilled out, healing, energising Life Changing Magic retreat. During the course of the week you will fast track through all our combined years of knowledge, teachings, research and learnings so that we can take your health to another level. Can I get a Whoop-de-Whoop?


This is the perfect place to get away from the every day hustle and bustle and stresses and strains of modern life whilst soaking up the sun, meeting new cool and groovy people just like you and taking some much needed time out for yourself. The retreat includes the Life Changing Magic of:

  • Stunning 5* Villa accommodation for 7 nights
  • Electric Reiki and healing blanket session
  • A luxurious Aromatherapy massage to help you feel amazing
  • Healing supplements, juices, water and fresh coconut water every day
  • Morning and evening Yoga and Meditation
  • Daily talks on food, nutrition, digestive health and how to boost your immune system
  • Raw Food Class to take your new Life Changing eating skills home with you
  • Evening Soup and Chill Out Sessions
  • Plenty of Time To Yourself to chill, sleep, read, rest, sunbathe, swim and whatever floats your boat!


Exercise, Tone and Strengthen your Body

We have literally scoured the Earth and teamed up with the most incredible Yogis to take you through morning and evening Yoga and Meditation. This will intensify your life cleanse, realign your chakras and help you fall into a deep, relaxing sleep each night and wake up feeling raring to go. All the while strengthening and toning your body on the inside and out. Yay!

fitness, sport and healthy lifestyle concept - group of people with personal trainer doing yoga exercises on mats in gym or studio

This is a great introduction for beginners to Yoga as we know it can be a little intimidating going to a Yoga class if you have tried it before. We want to show you how absolutely amazing, fun and simple it is to get started with Yoga. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes to enjoy the benefits and the feeling of deep relaxation of Yoga. Plus you’ll be away from your crazy manic daily commitments and in the glorious sunshine of Ibiza. What’s not to love, right?


Our Life Changing Magic retreat is a luxurious week away from the real world. You can take it at your own pace. Relax, chill out and enjoy the warm Spanish sunshine on your skin. Soak up the rays, swim in the pool, read a novel, learn some really simple life health hacks that you can take with you forever to enjoy the healing benefits and ‘Magic’ of our retreat. This once in a lifetime retreat will encourage you to make bold decisions for yourself that will continue to improve your health even after you get home, for years to come.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you cleanse your life, declutter your brain, strengthen and tone your body and become the person you always wanted to be. Oh, and you’ll probably lose weight too…! Did I mention that?


As we will keep you away from crap fatty junk food during the retreat and will be helping you heal, cleanse and tone from the inside out you are likely to lose around 4 – 7 lbs during our retreat. When was the last time you went on holiday and came back lighter, brighter, happier, more confident, tanned, relaxed, chilled, fully refreshed and ready to deal with life head on? Didn’t think so! Jump on board our Life Changing Magic retreat and enjoy feeling 10 years younger without the surgery. You got this!

Our Life Changing Magic retreats include a 5 day break from producing digestive enzymes; one of the bodies hardest and most taxing daily duties. During this time you will be consuming around 800 calories of natural liquids, healing supplements and cleansing herbs to sweep out the digestive tract, getting rid of all the old toxic matter that keeps you feeling tired, ill and in pain and prevents you from enjoying the gift of good health. We’ll be with you every step of the way and are experienced in helping people to overcome any obstacles in order to get the most out of our Life Changing Magic retreat in Ibiza!

To book this retreat or for more information please contact Helen directly at or use the Contact form at the bottom of the page.

Helen xxx

*Life Changing Magic retreat*

Bought to you in association with Glorious Food


Want to know more about our Life Changing Magic retreats?

Come along to one of our amazing Free Life Changing Magic workshops. During this glorious event you will benefit from:

  • Introduction to our Life Cleanse, what it involves, how you can get started and how this can simply and easily transform your health and life
  • Introduction to Juicing, why its important, how to do it and where to start
  • Introduction to Yoga and Meditation, this class will help you to receive any stresses and strains, help you get out of pain and learn how just a few minutes a day can help you relax and sleep better whilst feeling more energised during the day

And of course get all your questions answered about our amazing Life Changing Magic retreats! Plus some very special offers for Workshop Attendees only…!

These workshops will be happening all across the UK during 2018 please click the button to Confirm Your Place to get full list of dates and venues

Life Changing Magic Program

Day 1
Arrival and room allocation

Induction and Daily Schedule

Evening Yoga and Meditation session

Day 2 to 6

Morning Yoga session

Energising coconut water and cleansing supplements

Nutritional Talk with Helen Mileham

Afternoons will include free time to enjoy:

  • Relax and read a book
  • Chill out with our other guests
  • Swim in the pool
  • Sunbathe
  • Take a power nap

Evening Yoga and Meditation

Healing Soup and evening Chill Out sessions, listening to music, talking, gossiping and just hanging out Ibiza style.

Day 7

Festival of Food Day. A fabulous introduction to tasty, healthy colourful foods

Guide to help you continue to lose weight and feel great back home and how to fit Health into your every day life.


Success Stories

Life Changing Magic workshops and retreats. This is what our clients say…


I would like to thank Helen at Glorious Food for changing my eating habits of a lifetime to now enjoying nutritious foods. Prior to working with Helen I was a sugar craver and dairy eater and addicted to wheat and red meats. I was also suffering with Diverticular Disease and in debilitating pain every day.  Since getting my diet right I now really enjoy cooking for myself. I eat a lot of brown rice, pasta, rice or quinoa and I have never enjoyed eating vegetables so much as now, whether roasted, raw or in soups and stews. Now my main proteins are fish, eggs and chicken. The result is that I have lost weight, feel much more comfortable, have no diarrhoea or bloating and a healthier gut.

Sylvia Waddington

Denver, Norfolk


The best thing I learnt was how to take care of my body properly and how to achieve my goals and make me into a better version of myself.  Thank you Helen, you are a great teacher in everything you do x

Claire Heard

Kings Lynn, Norfolk


I enjoyed all of the sessions and there was lots of helpful information especially learning about detoxing. The juice that we sampled was amazing! And the yoga has prompted me to try and get to a yoga class. I used to go to the gym all the time but since I got arthritis I haven’t been able to go as much. Thanks to all who made it possible.

Pam Robinson



Helen’s knowledge about cleansing and detoxing was extremely informative and the retreat is the perfect place for me to reboot and feel wonderful again!

Christine Robinson

Runcton Holme, Norfolk

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