This herb chopper has to be one of my favourite and most well used kitchen gadgets. The smell of freshly chopped herbs filling the kitchen is one of the best things about cooking.

I used to be scared that I would ruin a dish by adding the wrong herbs to it but now I know what my tastebuds like and follow these simple rules:

  1. Basil is an incredible accompaniment to tomato dishes
  2. Mint goes with a lot more than you think
  3. Parsley goes with almost everything.
  4. Rosemary works well with Potatoes and Chicken

These are my main ‘go to’ herbs that I always have available on my kitchen windowsill, ready to add gorgeous aromas and flavours to my cooking.

The best bit is that fresh green herbs are not only tasty, aromatic and easy to use but they are also extremely full of nutrition. These small greens are power packed full of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory’s, anti-bacterials, anti-fungals and are very rich in Vitamins & Minerals. By adding fresh herbs to all your cooking, you could be increasing your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals by a further 10-15%, so its well worth doing on a regular basis.

I’ve also learned the best way to add herbs to your meals is to wait until the cooking process is over, adding them at the very last minute. This preserves the goodness in them and adds that extra fresh flavour.

To start your journey into the world of fresh herbs you can buy the ready grown plants from most supermarkets or even try planting them yourself and watching them grow. This is really satisfying, growing your own foods is one of the most healing things you can do for yourself. We have fresh mint in the garden, fresh chives, and parsley plants and my rosemary bush has gone wild this year – so much so I don’t know what to do with it all…!

Of course there are many more fresh green herbs to use, some more of my favourites are:

  • Sage; which is great with roasted tomatoes for home made soup, as well as making home made stuffing for Sunday lunches
  • Oregano; which is a common flavour used in Italian dishes and as an extra bonus Oregano is also really good for helping to fight candida.
  • Thyme, a gorgeous aromatic herb is often used with Sage but can be added to meat dishes to add flavour, texture and fragrance
  • Bay-Leaves are often added to curry dishes but can be added to anything you want to include a softer flavour to.

The herb chopper board is the simplest way I have found to chop  herbs and it is so easy to keep clean. You can buy these online or in most kitchen gadget shops.  I think I may have bought this one in Sainsbury’s.

I hope you enjoy using fresh herbs to flavour and improve the nutrient content of your meals.

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