IBS Relief

Need some fast IBS relief?

With this easy-to-follow IBS Relief online course you will get access to a seven day IBS Relief Meal Plan with twenty-one proven IBS Free Recipes to keep you energised and satisfied, balancing your gut bacteria whilst reducing bloating and other IBS symptoms.

What can you expect?

  • reduce your IBS symptoms by up to 50%
  • improve your energy levels
  • start to get your confidence back with food

The course is set out in a series of short video tutorials with step-by-step guidance, along with supporting documents and worksheets to complete to keep you motivated, improve your mindset and keep you inspired.

Course contents

We have modules on Gut Bacteria, Hydration and Meal Prep as well as your access-for-life IBS Free seven day Meal Plan, especially formulated to provide your body with a simple but effective nutrient boost, complete with printable recipes.

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