The number one thing I hear all the time is, I feel so bloated, I look six months pregnant. I hear this from the men as well as the women.

Bloating is one of the number one symptoms of IBS. It affects more than one in five of us in the UK. So, it’s a really common symptom and it’s your body’s way of trying to tell you that the food you’re putting in, is not working out for you.

Obviously your stomach can’t write down a list of ingredients that it needs you to go and purchase and start eating, but it is trying to tell you that the food you are eating, is not agreeing with you. And, your digestive system cannot process all of the things you are putting in.

Bloating is fairly easy to reduce. There are things you can start doing straightaway. Firstly, I would make sure that you’re re hydrating, being hydrated is really, really important, particularity if you are struggling with bloating. So, drink plenty of water, definitely have a glass of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This will wake up your system in the morning, and before bed it will help your body rehydrate throughout the night, which will reduce any symptoms of bloating.

Also, make sure that you chew your food thoroughly, no doubt you probably heard this from your parents when you were a kid and probably ignored them. Chewing your food thoroughly will really help to speed that process along and make sure there is less air in the food, which causes the bloating.

Also, make sure that you eat sitting up at a table and not slouched down on the sofa, because this will give your food a clearer and easier passage into the digestive system, making sure there’s less trapped air and wind in that food as well.

So, there are things that you can do every day to try and reduce that bloating down and get that flat tummy that you’ve always wanted.

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