It has been a strange couple of months but I am finally settling into the whole lockdown thing. I hope you are keeping well and remaining safe and healthy during these strange times.

I break my weeks up with trying to stick to just 20 hours of online work and 5 hours of networking each week, ensuring I have time and energy left over for some good stuff. Here is what I have been up to:


I was planning on thinning out my veggie garden this year as it is a lot of maintenance and on top of that we are on a water metre which costs a fortune to keep everything watered. However, after the food shortages during the first weeks of lockdown I decided to expand our growing capabilities and invested in a couple of water butts (please rain?) to keep our lovely organic foods well watered.

This year we have our strawberries and raspberries, I bought an extra couple of blueberry bushes and moved our original blueberry bush to a more suitable place. My pear tree is looking more fruitful than last year (only one pear last year, not even a pair of pears!) and I bought an apple tree and planted a nut tree, which will take around 5 years to produce nuts. So we will eventually have fruit and nuts available.

We are also growing a couple of new crops this year purple sprouting broccoli and peas! Also yellow courgettes, cucumbers, beetroot, spinach and rainbow chard. And tomatoes. millions of tomatoes! I had to give away about 20 plants that had self seeded from last year.



Of course with all the working from home my back has been playing up no end. I have a severe frozen shoulder, as per usual, I have been working too much and not looking after myself. Therefore, I am now ensuring that I make time each day to move around, either by going for a walk, gardening or practising some yoga *Full Yoga video will soon be available on YouTube*

I am lucky enough to have an arial yoga trapeze which is heavenly to dangle upside down from and stretch out tired back muscles. And sing about in :o)



Guitar lessons

I have wanted to learn how to play guitar for an absolute AGE and have always gotten my famous ‘air guitar’ out at parties and celebrations (which may or may not include the odd G&T).

Again the Universe kindly provided me with a guitar by way of one of my incredibly kind and wonderful neighbours who also happens to live with a guitar teacher and they also happen to be in a really cool band called Schrodinger’s Strings. So, I got a sparkly gorgeous Fender guitar and am taking lessons each week learning how to play, slowly but surely. This is me trying to relive my youth and look cool!


I now have a new found respect for any ho plays the guitar, it is not very easy at all!

After 3 weeks my fingers are now callousing up nicely and it is a very strange sensation as it is like losing the feeling in the tip of my fingers, which makes typing feel weird but also everything else I do. It is so worth it though as I hope to be able to put some chords together very soon and annoy anyone who will listen to me!

On a serious note, if you are interested in online guitar lessons, please contact my teacher, Eddie Brown at, or on 07512 766365 or take a look at his  Facebook page, Schrodinger’s Strings

I can highly recommend Eddie, he is a fantastic teacher and learning guitar online during lockdown is the perfect antidote to this crazy world we are living in right now…

So this is me in a nutshell, busy supporting my clients as fully as possible until we can go back face to face, keeping busy and trying to stay healthy. Of course my diet is still pretty good with the 80/20 rule.

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