Glorious Food attended this fair, our first for three years and it was a huge success. I decided on doing some simple testing to show how effective and easy our testing methods are. We settled on Gluten Intolerance Testing and Chakra Energy Testing, which is a new passion of ours, see our Other Service Page for more info…

You can wait months or years to find out if you are Coeliac from the usual methods, and often these tests wont show up if you are intolerant, only if your blood has an allergic reaction to gluten will it register. This is why so many people are still eating gluten even though it disagrees with them. There are lots of reasons for this and you are welcome to read more about it in our ‘Gluten’ post.

I have included some photos of the fair so you can get a feel for these events. A good friend of mine, Lauren Ephithite organises these events and she had over 20 different businesses represented within the H&W sector:

The Fitness Space

Wild Oak Workshops

The Kalming Purple Patch

Phoenix School of Personal Training

K’s Market, Gluten Free Shop

Magnetix healing jewellery

Slimming World

To name a few… I was hoping to have more time to nose around and meet everyone there but the days was busy from start to finish with a flurry of customers for testing and lots of people to talk to.

We gave out fabulous goody bags filled with our yummy Apple Snax (see Apple Snax post), a Food Diary and pen, plus a little spider plant, my office plants have had so many babies I had over 20 to give away. My hope was that by nurturing this plant people can learn how to take better care of themselves.

We hope to be attending a fair at least once a year from now on as it was such a fund day out, getting to meet other H&W business owners as well as meeting lots more people that didn’t know about us who we hope to be able to help and work with in the future.

In pictures…