Clinic Consulations

Prefer a more personal approach to resolving your IBS problems?

Helen Mileham, IBS Specialist and founder of Glorious Food offers a face-to-face Be IBS Free Program for people who are able to regularly commute to our Glorious Food clinic in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK.

These programs have the same information, support, content and results as the Be IBS Free Online Course with one exception, Food Intolerance and Allergy Testing. These tests can only be performed in face-to-face consultations with Helen directly and cannot be done remotely. 

The benefit of the testing is that it takes out any guess work and gets you started on the right foot straight away.

This does mean of course that these programs are more expensive that the online courses however, there are different payment options available. We are only able to take a certain number of new cases each month for these programs and there may be a waiting list.

Be IBS Free program

We have created a highly successful Be IBS Free program to help you learn why your body causes these symptoms, understand what is causing them and learn what you can do to control your body in the future, rather than having your IBS controlling your day to day life.

These programs are simple but can be challenging, which is why we will be there to support you every step of the way throughout your journey with Glorious Food. For more info, click here.

Chakra Testing

Are your energy centres blocked? Feeling rough and have no rhyme or reason to? Sometimes our energies can become stagnant. With this simple test we can find out if you have blocked energy centres and recommend how you can feed your chakras and focus your energies into these areas of the body ti help unblock these. For more info click here.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Testing

We often buy supplements just for the sake of it, but do you really know if these are working? With our Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency testing we can see if you need to include certain foods into your diet to boost these levels and regain your health. Click here for more info.

Free Consultation 

If you are uncertain which course of action will work best for your symptoms, your lifestyle, your budget and if you would like some free IBS and Dietary advice then please go ahead and book your free call here

Helen set up Glorious Food to help you with your IBS problems. IBS is what we do. Let us help…