I am happy to introduce one of our talented clients to you, Claire Upton.

Claire is the author of three novels and two children’s books. She is currently working on her forth ChickLit novel.

Author, Claire Upton, was born in Norfolk, spent the first few years, & many school holidays in Richmond, Surrey. Her family moved back to Norfolk when she was five. She currently lives in Cambridgeshire.

Claire qualified as an Interior Designer in the mid 90’s and has worked as everything from Dogwalker to Indian Head Massage Practitioner. She graduated with Honours from a Psychosocial degree in 2013, the best decision she says she ever made. She currently travels the world as a Sales Executive for a Men’s Gifting company and runs her own Pizza co. providing her neighbours and events with delicious wood fired pizzas from a Land Rover Discovery.

Claire has four children and a gorgeous grandaughter, all who support all her crazy dreams… such as publishing her novels!

‘Twisted Fate’ was written while her third child was tiny. While he refused to sleep at night she made the most of the time & wrote this novel, mostly with him resting on her shoulder.

Claire enthuses that, “I hope readers enjoy reading my books just as much as I loved writing them.”


You can find out more about Claire Upton via her Facebook Page at

And if you would like to read a paperback or digital copy of one of Claires book, these are available here.