Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Test

Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Check

This essential yet simple test will clearly show how your current diet is faring.

Particularly of use if you regularly take supplements, spending a lot of money on things you may not necessarily need.

Getting all your nutritional needs from your diet is by far the best way of absorbing vitamins and minerals, ensuring your body has all it needs to fight any infections, bugs and germs that are flying around.

As a part of this appointment Glorious Food offers a supplement check to see if the particular supplements you are buying are actually working for you. We are all individual and whilst some things may work for the majority of people not all supplements will work for everyone.

Sadly, the more money you spend doesn’t necessarily mean the better quality product. As all of us are completely unique a cheaper own brand of supplement may work on one person whereas a high end product may work better on the next person.

Quite often I see clients who spend hundreds of pounds on supplements each month and most of them aren’t working.

At Glorious Food we can test each individual supplement for its efficacy and whether the body will tolerate it, potentially saving you a small fortune.

Dietary advice is also provided on how to obtain more nutrients through your diet *FOOD* a commodity we all use every day.

“Get your diet working for you and you wont need supplementation”

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