Learn how you can reduce your IBS symptoms

We have a range of IBS online courses and face to face programs to help you reduce unwanted symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhoea and low mood, whilst promoting good gut bacteria and help you to lose or maintain a healthy weight.

All you need to decide is:

Do you want to reach your health goals and learn how to be IBS Free from the comfort of your own home OR would you prefer face to face consultations with IBS Specialist, Helen Mileham, at our Kings Lynn clinic in Norfolk, UK?

Get results!

Our clients report the following improvements to their health from working with us:

  • better quality ‘normal’ bowel movements
  • reduction of bloating and stomach pain
  • more energy
  • weight loss
  • clear skin
  • reduction in joint pain

What next?

You may be starting out on your IBS free journey, in which case we would recommend the ‘IBS Relief’ short online course to start getting results in just over a week.

Or you may have tried a few things already and be ready to take on more of a challenge to get back to the ‘old you’ and a good state of health, in which case our ‘Be IBS Free’ face-to-face programs or online courses may be more beneficial for really life-changing results. 

Not sure?

If you are unsure which course will be most beneficial to you then you are welcome to book your FREE phone consultation with IBS Specialist Helen Mileham to get all your questions answered and discover which course of action will be most beneficial to you.

Perhaps you have other underlying health conditions that you are concerned about, or you may be taking medication and want to know if a change of diet will affect the effectivity of the medication.

Whatever questions you have, Helen will be able to get these answered for you and provide a solution for you, along with some FREE dietary advice that you can put into place straightaway to reduce your symptoms and start feeling better with Glorious Food.

Free Consultation

Get your free phone consultation right here, choosing a date and time that suit you and get:

  • Symptom Analysis
  • Dietary Health Check
  • Questions and Answers session

Although Glorious Food specialise in helping people with IBS, here are some other health issues that our programs have been able to help people with:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Thyroid issues
  • ME / MS
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Hayfever
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Fertility
  • Weight Management


Get in touch for more information. 

Email Helen 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have IBS but I also have other health problems. Can you help?

There is no one rule fits all but at Glorious Food we have worked with people struggling with a number of different health concerns from asthma to cancer. The easiest way to find out if we can help is to book onto your FREE consultation. Helen won’t take on a new client if she feels unable to help and will be completely honest about the likelihood of your health improving with one of our courses or programs.

Q: What is the cheapest option for me to lose weight?

We keep our online courses affordable in order that you can start to get the help you need straightaway. Prices start from £37 for our Weight Loss course and £57 for our IBS Relief course. However, weight loss does tend to happen on all of our programs and courses as once you get your diet working for you, you won’t want to eat all the junk and your energy levels will soar like never before!

Q: I don’t know if I have IBS, I haven’t been diagnosed, can you help?

During our Free consultation we go through a thorough Symptom Analysis and during this we will be able to see if you have IBS and if it is something we can help you with. It may be useful to know that IBS is merely a term used for a collection of symptoms that in any combination make up an irritable bowel. 

Q: My IBS is stress related. Can you help with stress?

We hear this all the time. Of course you are stressed! Your bowel isn’t behaving itself. Our programs and courses aim to take the stress away from your IBS by showing you what you can and what you can’t eat in order to avoid flare ups. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a boring diet for the rest of your days. Quite the opposite in fact. That is why we are Glorious Food. We love FOOD and want to show you how you can fall back in love with food again. And reduce your stress levels around your IBS symptoms at the same time.

Q: I tried the FODMAP diet and it didn’t work, my IBS isn’t food related.

This is something we hear quite often. The FODMAP diet can work really well for some people and not at all for others. That is why we tailor each of our dietary programs to each individual in order that you get results. There is no one rule fits all for IBS, which is why it is so difficult to work with. But with our experienced IBS Specialist and tailored to you programs your IBS can be a thing of the past. 

Q: I have already tried everything and nothing works. What makes this different?

Our resident IBS Specialist, Helen Mileham, suffered with IBS since birth. Helen struggled with pain, frustration and embarrassment from her unpredictable bowel always letting her down. Since finding a solution that worked for her, which took a number of years and travel around the world to do so, Helen wanted to be able to share her incredible journey with you, so that you don’t have to spend the next 5, 10 or 20 years in pain and frustration with your body. At Glorious Food we understand IBS and can help. Book our FREE consultation to get started.

Q: I don’t want to take expensive supplements for the rest of my life…

At Glorious Food we opt for a natural solution to IBS and use the nutrients in food to help calm and heal your irritated bowels. Once we take the foods out of the diet that are irritating your bowel and put foods into your diet that will calm your body, life gets really simple. Your body is telling you that it is unhappy with your current diet. You just need to choose to eat Glorious Food instead of whatever it is that is hurting you. 

Q: I still have questions, can I get  an answer?

Yes of course, please contact Helen Mileham directly at helen@foodisglorious.co.uk


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