Be IBS Free Program

Ready to Be IBS Free?

Our ‘Be IBS Free’ programs are packed with information and support to help you get the very best out of your health.

What to expect?

These programs will help you re-evaluate your diet, help you to understand why you need to eat, why you eat the way that you do and how to make simple changes to the foods you eat, giving you back variety, taste, texture and enjoyment to eating a wonderful symptom busting daily diet that fills you with energy and reduces your IBS symptoms by up to 90%, giving you control over your body and bowels.

Once you begin your program with us you will start to see a real difference in the way you feel, gaining energy, having more satisfactory bowel movements, losing weight (or maintaining weight) and enjoying a wide variety of real foods to keep you feeling satisfied. You won’t be going hungry on this program and we don’t do calorie counting so eating right gets really simple.

Your questions answered…

We would like to offer you our complementary consultation to answer any questions you may have. During your consultation you will benefit from:

  • Symptom Analysis.  Discover what your body is trying to tell you by producing unwanted IBS symptoms
  • Free Dietary Advice.  We can help you start feeling better straight away by providing you with simple and easy to follow advice.
  • Q&A session.  Get your digestive health questions answered by our IBS Specialist, Helen Mileham

Your consultation is the first step to you becoming IBS Free…

Be IBS Free With Glorious Food!

For further information email our resident IBS Specialist, Helen Mileham on or call our IBS Helpline on +44 (0)1553 3404245 we aim to respond within 48 hours…

The course contains the following help, guidance and support to ensure you reduce your symptoms and ‘Be IBS Free’.

  • Food allergy and intolerance testing
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency testing
  • Information pack
  • 2 x recipes books
  • Access to over 100 IBS Free recipes
  • Regular Nutritional Coaching
  • Weekly step by step guidance straight to your inbox
  • Private Client Only Facebook group so you don’t have to go it alone
  • Continued email support with Helen Mileham 

Once you understand your body and what it requires from you in terms of fuel, life gets really simple.

Success Stories

“I was regularly turning down work because of my IBS. It was at this stage that I found Helen on Facebook and decided to see if she could help me.

After speaking with Helen over the phone I felt confident that I would be in safe hands. I had a tour of China coming up that was worrying me and I didn’t want to cancel it due to my IBS symptoms so I decided to give this program a go and see if I could get my health back and feel more confident on and off stage.

Helen was great, she worked around my schedule and although it was a little out of the way for me the train journey was well worth it.

I haven’t looked back since working with Helen and I am now fully confident that my IBS isn’t going to affect my performance. My IBS is under control and the funny thing is that since I have been more open and honest about it to my friends and colleagues, it seems a lot of people actually do struggle with this.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Helen at Glorious Food.”

Ryan Barry

Professional Dancer, Surrey

I was recommended to go and see Helen to help with my IBS. But to be honest I didn’t hold out much hope of it actually working as I thought it may be just another faddy diet program. I had tried so many things over the years and I had some other health issues that seemed to be more important than my IBS. I suffered terribly with scalp psoriasis and had really bad asthma, so much so that I was on 6 different types of asthma medication.

Nevertheless, after speaking with Helen at the Free Consultation I decided that I didn’t have anything to lose and wanted to see if this would actually work.

I’m so glad I went for it! After the first 6 weeks I had not only got rid of my embarrassing IBS symptoms but I could also breathe for the first time without the help of medication. I ditched all my asthma inhalers and wasn’t coughing. This meant that I could start exercising and really made a huge difference in my life.

Not only that but my painful, itchy scalp had calmed down and I was able to use normal shampoo for the first time in years. Changing my diet had so many other health benefits that I wasn’t expecting. And no more IBS symptoms.

My Asthma nurse was worried that I hadn’t ordered any repeat prescriptions and she couldn’t believe the difference in me when I went for my annual check up with her. I wish I had been able to do this sooner. Helen has really changed my life!

Anne Weightman

Kings Lynn, Norfolk

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