When you have IBS it is easy to concentrate on those foods that can cause you to go running into the bathroom for some non-pleasant, emergency, often explosive bowel movements! We each of us know what foods really trigger us, usually through lots of trial and error and more often than not some embarrassing tale of woe to go alongside it.

Let’s change the focus today and discuss foods that have the opposite effect. For example, do you know that these three foods can actively help to heal your gut and start reducing   IBS symptoms and inflammation and clear out the blocked debris clogging up your intestines at the same time?


Love them or hate them you should really start loving these gorgeous green goddesses! These fruits are full of really healthy omegas, good calories. Calories are not something we go in for at Glorious Food as it is so easy to get this wrong, i.e. this snack bar is only 150 calories. So is a salad and the salad will do you much more good than a snack bar, however, I digress.

Avocados are very versatile too, you can eat them with almost anything savoury and also make them into delicious deserts. Yum! Their creamy consistency works well in chocolate and lemon flavoured deserts and home made guacamole is a must have for easy snacks on the go!

Note I mentioned ‘home made’ there. The shop bought variety is pretty ghastly. I tried one from a large brand supermarket the other day as there was a shortage of avocados and bluuuuurrgh! Not surprised people don’t think they like avocados if that is your only experience of them. Home made guacamole is much much better, Try this recipe and see for yourself… Chunky Guacamole

Avocados have other benefits also, they will make your hair shiny, your skin glow and your nails strong. In fact you can use the inside of the skin to smooth over tired skin for a quick 5 minute face pack.

Also, due to the very nature of the flash of the avocado, it acts as a ‘sweeper’ through your digestive tract, collecting old unwanted debris and elimination this the other end. As well as feeding your body and brain and nourishing your poor sensitive IBS tummy. I wouldn’t be without them and they are a weekly staple in our house. Consequently, I very rarely get constipated and have really good bowel movements that are almost picture perfect! They work wonders for diarrhoea too as they calm down a spasmodic tummy by providing gorgeous natural oils to hydrate and sooth.


This colourful veggie is very underrated. This veg is so powerful for a number of reasons. Firstly it is really good for the blood and keeps our blood cells producing strong and healthy. This in turn helps us to fight off disease and keeps our immune system nice and strong.

Beetroot doesn’t have to always just be for salad, although it doesn’t make salads really colourful and tasty. Try this recipe. However, before we talk about any other benefits I should point out that the best way of ingesting beetroot is raw, in a juice or smoothie. This keeps most of its nutrients in tact and provides the most benefit to the body in the form of anti oxidants in vitamin c, iron, potassium, magnesium and vital vitamin B6. Secondly it is far better to buy raw beetroot and boil it yourself rather than buying pickled beetroot. Often the pickling vinegar used doesn’t bode well for IBS symptoms. Mine in particular. I find that pickled beetroot is best used sparingly and most of the time I will buy raw beets, or grow my own to use more regularly.

Beetroot Soup is one of my faves and although my photo doesn’t do this recipe justice it is really worth a try. Filling, savoury, warming soup perfect for rainy summer days and cold winter days alike. It will help your digestion, strengthen your blood, feed your brain and nourish your body. Whats not to love?

Similary to the avocado, cooked beetroot can really help to sweet away unwanted detritus from the digestive tract. Another great reason to fall in love with beetroot!


My weekly shop wouldn’t be complete without spinach and in the summer and autumn months I am lucky enough to be able to grow my own. Spinach goes into 70% of my food and is one of the reasons I don’t struggle with IBS symptoms anymore. Packed with vitamin A it’s good for tired eyes and skin health, iron for keeping the immune system healthy and further strengthening the blood and calcium to keep my bones and teeth strong and healthy.

Spinach goes so well with eggs and my granny got me into spinach as a young girl. Try these recipes to give your taste buds a whirl and your tummy a treat!

Salmon and spinach pasta

Scrambled Eggs and Spinach

Paprika Potatoes, Steak, Spinach and Coleslaw

Most of my clients quickly get used to eating and cooking with spinach and the wonderful benefits it brings. It tastes great, goes with most things and you can easily ‘hide’ it in food for fussy eaters. It is better eaten raw as it holds more of its essential nutrients when raw and for this reason I rarely have a salad that doesn’t include spinach. When I use spinach in my breakfast recipes I usually just wilt if or add it in at the last minute to ensure I am getting everything I need from this wonderful green god of food!

I hope you enjoy including these SUPERFOODS in your diet and start feeling the benefits of eating pure nutrient rich foods and the healing effects on your tummy.

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